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Community Service

Community Service: Expressions of Gratitude

November is a time of thanks, a time to give, and for those who can; a time to express gratitude by giving back to their community.

Our mission here at Demosphere is:
“To provide authentic industry-leading technology solutions for organized sports, accommodating the needs of all levels of organizations, and all levels of users, with an ethical approach to how we impact the greater community.”

To help fulfill our mission to positively impact our own community, Demosphere affords each employee two paid community service days to be used at their discretion throughout the year. We share these experiences in hopes of encouraging others to pay it forward and do something to help in your own community.

Mike Caboteja, from Demosphere’s technical support team, recently had the pleasure of working with his church’s Human Concerns group. Volunteers spent the day supporting outreach programs for the homeless and less fortunate. They picked up donations from local grocers and then sorted and packaged food items for families.

Additionally, for the Winter Shelter Food program, workers assisted with preparing, delivering and serving meals at one of the local county shelters that houses approximately 50 homeless individuals. Volunteers worked with families within the parish to prepare and collect food. Local restaurants and businesses such as Brittany’s and Cravings Cupcakery contributed to the success of the program by providing food dishes and desserts to be served at the shelter.

One of the volunteers, Frank (pictured left) has been the leading force for the Winter Shelter Food program providing this service for over 25 years. He also goes to outdoor homeless camps located across the county to provide propane tanks so people have the means to stay warm during the cold winter season when many shelters are full.  Frank is an inspiration for others to become more active in their own community.

“It was a very rewarding experience.” recounted Mike. “I plan on getting more involved with other volunteer opportunities to give back and make even more of a positive impact in the community.”

Helping in the community is not only rewarding – it also leads to building lasting connections with others. During his experience, Mike was able to reconnect with his first boss after 23 years, who is now head chef at Brittany’s restaurant. Mike was surprised to learn that he’s been supporting the program for over 12 years!

Demosphere is proud to support Mike, and all of our employees, on their quest to express their gratitude by giving back to their own communities. If you have any questions about how to start your own Community Service program, contact us at

Mike Caboteja

Mike is a member of Demosphere’s Technical Support team, providing advice and best practices to Youth Sports Administrators across the country.