The Do’s & Don’ts Of Working With New Sponsors

MoneySponsors are an invaluable asset to any organization – no matter the sport or size.

According to the results of Demosphere’s Sponsorship Survey, organizations can earn an extra $5,000-10,000 in annual sponsorship revenue with a few simple steps of preparation.

Yet, experience continues to prove that some organizations are ignoring the importance of sponsorships. Whether actively seeking sponsors or not, if a potential sponsor wants to donate to your organization make it easy for them to spend their money.

After searching the websites of prominent sports organizations for rate cards and details, Demosphere reached out to multiple groups in hopes of acquiring more information. From there, a clear divide was evident.

Groups with higher levels of exposure placed less importance on communicating with potential sponsors (Demosphere) and continued to push response deadlines further into the future. In one particular example, it took over two months countless phone/email exchanges to figure out the pricing options available.

The second group contains organizations that advertise on a smaller scale, with less exposure to offer, but eagerly communicating to make the sponsorship connection as simple as possible. This group followed up multiple times to try and make a sale, positioning themselves as a reliable and appreciative recipient.

When an organization reaches out to your sponsorship contact for more information, be prepared to provide clarification in a timely manner. Potential sponsors reaching out are prepared to donate money to your organization, but the offer might not last for long. A clarification email acts as an indicator of how your future relationship could go if they choose to pursue the sponsorship agreement. Act as quickly and professionally as possible to secure the deal and earn money for your organization.

If you’re interested in gaining new sponsors for your organization, below are a few more helpful steps to start you on your way:

Encourage Sponsors To Contact You

Although it may seem obvious to some, this first step is often commonly overlooked by Site Administrators when building a website’s pages. In order to attract sponsors to your organization, display basic information to facilitate the process for all parties involved.

Create a page on your website solely dedicated to your organization’s sponsorship efforts. Give potential sponsors a reason to donate, provide some background, list important links and forms, and share a designated contact. Highlight the benefits that organizations will receive in exchange for supporting your group. Make locating the information as simple as possible to speed up the process.

Keep Information Up-To-Date

Adding sponsorship information to your website is the first step in a process that is constantly evolving. Sponsorship information and dates often go hand-in-hand. Need a sponsor for the 2015 Tournament? Are you including Google Analytics data from 2015? Leaving outdated information posted on your sponsorship page can actually turn away potential sponsors. Make sure the sponsorship rates and dates are being reviewed annually and updated to ensure website visitors are aware that you take your sponsorship efforts seriously.

Choose Which Data To Provide

With Google Analytics and other statistic-gathering sites rising in popularity, it might surprise you that only 32 percent of Sponsorship Survey respondents felt it was necessary provide their prospective sponsors with website visitor statistic information. When sharing information with your potential sponsors be prepared to promote your organization’s website or email campaigns. Analytic information is becoming increasingly popular and it serves as the most efficient way to demonstrate your audience.

For more information on which analytics data to provide, review the Maximize Demosphere “Seeking Sponsors” webinar and grab a free Google Analytics dashboard template.

Format Images Consistently

When displaying your current sponsors’ images on your website, make sure they are formatted consistently for a uniform appearance. The formatting of your current sponsors act as indicator of how your future sponsor images will appear for potential sponsors.

Sizing is key. If the images are located in the footer of the page, or in a horizontal line, format the images to the same height. If the images are located in a sidebar, or listed vertically, set them to the same width. Using PNG formats instead of JPEGs also gives Administrators the ability to make the background transparent, giving your page a cleaner look.

Have additional tips that you’d like to share? Add your personal experience with sponsorships in the comments below!

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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.