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Clearing Cache and Cookies: What’s the Deal?

Our web browser is the gate to our internet experience. Through our browser we are opened to a virtual world that allows us to check our email, navigate through social sites, do some banking, and of course manage our registrations throughout the year. The browser that we use tends to hold onto all the information that we have surfed across the web. Over time the information that is stored in our web browsers history could cause problems with logging in or loading websites.

Best practice as a responsible internet user is to be sure that you are clearing you web browsers cache and cookies frequently. Clearing your cache ensures the browser that you are using performs at its best and that your privacy is more secure. I understand, most  people are hesitate to clear their cache because they fear losing their data such as saved usernames and passwords, but there may be an option to deselect passwords or any other data that you do not want to lose when clearing your web browsers cache and cookies. Also there are tools, that you can find online through a quick google search, that can be used to store your passwords. Its best to keep in mind that the risk of having to re-enter a username or password is less severe than the risk of having your privacy breached or delaying an online experience.

When you visit a website, the cookies, which are small pieces of data, are stored in your browser. Every time when you visit that same website, the browser you have been working in sends the cookie or data back to the website with all the information from your last visit. This may be why you have had issues with exporting reports, the wheel of death spinning when logging in to register, or your public website not updating after making changes on the admin side.

Browsers keep cookies until they expire, which could be when you close your browser (depending on your settings), or for years, which is possible especially for tracking purposes. The information will be stored within your browser until you clear your cache and cookies. To ensure the best browsing experience while using Demosphere, we recommend clearing your web browsers cache often. Using the latest version of Chrome, Safari, or Firefox is highly recommended.

To Clear Cache Using Chrome:

1) Click the three vertical dots in the upper right hand corner of the browser
2) Scroll down to More Tools
3) Scroll down to Clear Browsing Data
4) Click Advanced
5) Select ALL TIME from the time range dropdown menu
6) Uncheck Passwords and/or Autofill form data (optional)
7) Clear Data

To Clear History and Website Data Using Safari:

1) Click Safari> Clear History
2) or History> Clear History
3) Select All History
4) Clear History
To Clear History in Firefox:

1) Click on the library icon at the top of the browser
2) Scroll down to History
3) Select Clear Recent History
4) Uncheck Active Logins (optional)
5) Clear Now


If you continue to experience an issue once all the cookies have been cleared, please contact us at Demosphere support!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.