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Integrate Google AdSense into your Demosphere-powered website.

An Easy Way To Monetize Your Youth Sports Website

Integrate Google AdSense into your Demosphere-powered website.
A sample AdSense ad size.

Youth sports organizations are constantly searching for new revenue streams for their organizations.

Many have monetized their website through sponsorships with local, regional, and/or national businesses, but there are other options too!

Consider Google AdSense!

Google AdSense is a simple, effective way to allow advertisers to place ads of different sizes on your site … and you get all the revenue!

Google offers more than five standard ad sizes that can be used independently or together – all you need to do is decide which size(s) you want to integrate on your Demosphere-powered WebWriter® website!

Once placed, Google serves ads automatically that are related to your audience … and you get the revenue!

Interested? For starters, review the AdSense information to decide if you’d like to get started with it. Next, decide where you want to place the ads. If you need help with the placement, contact Demosphere’s Support Team at support @! Once the proper code from Google is inserted, no further action is needed!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.