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Add New Debit

Add New Household Debits Within RosterPro®

Do you ever wish you could charge a fee to a Household for items outside of the typical registration process fees? Now you can!

Whether it be moving a player from one program to a more expensive one and wanting to charge the difference, a late fee for missing a deadline, or purchasing a uniform after registration is closed – Administrators can now add miscellaneous charges onto a Household’s account.

Administrators can create these new charges by navigating to the Household Management page. The Household Information & Member tab includes a brand new section titled Household Debits which displays all current Debit records for the Household.

Select the green Add New Debit button.

Add Debit

The Administrator is required to include a Debit Title and Debit Amount while creating an additional charge. Optional values include Associated Household Members, Debit Remarks, and Season.

If a Season is selected, a list of all seasonal fees will appear in a drop-down menu and the Debit will be related to the chosen fee for future reporting.

Add New Debit

The system will automatically send Household Administrators an email notification of the new Debit, unless otherwise specified in the Add New Debit dialog.

Once a Debit has been created, the Household Debits table will update with a row displaying the new fine. From this table the Administrator can edit or delete a record.

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 12.30.34 PM

If moving a Seasonal Registration across seasons, a dialog box is automatically opened at the end of the process asking the Administrator if they would like to create a Household Debit for any additional charges.

If a Household Debit exists when any Household Administrator logs into the Public Registration, or during Proxy Registration, a notification will appear with the Debit Title, Amount, Associated To, Remark and Season. The message provides Household Administrators with the option of continuing with registration, which closes the dialog message and begins the registration process from the beginning, or proceeding to checkout.

Message PopUp

A cart item exists for each individual Household Debit. During the Order Review and Order Payment steps, the Household Debit is displayed as a unique Order Item.

Once a Household Debit has been completed, the Order Date is recorded in the Household Debit section table. The Debit will also be included with its Order under the Household Order History tab of the Household Management page. The Household Debit record will no longer be included in any incomplete or future carts for any Household Administrators of that Household, including incomplete Proxy Carts.


Once the Household Debit Order Item has been paid AND a season selected, it is included in the financial reporting for that Season. If the Debit has been related to a specific Seasonal Fee, the amount of the Debit is included in the line item for that fee. If it was not related, the amount of the Debit will be included as a new fee on the report with the fee labeled as the Debit title.

For further assistance when taking advantage of this new feature reach out to Demosphere Support.

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.