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Save On ACH Processing via New Plaid Integration

Demosphere is pleased to announce the integration of a new, cost-effective ACH payment option for our U.S.-based partners! We have integrated our platform with Plaid, a secure and trusted solution for your members to pay via an online banking option.

This new payment option allows partners to reduce processing fees for those members who elect to pay via ACH. Additionally, allowing members the option to pay via online banking makes it possible to disable manual (offline) payment options like cash and check.

Accepting manual forms of payment like cash and checks creates more work, introduces communication hassles, increases late payments, causes collection issues, and is much more likely to lead to fraud. We are excited to introduce this new solution via Plaid to allow our partners to escape the headaches of accepting manual payments!

Interested in an easier registration process for your members including the ability to process payments via ACH? Contact us today.