Freeing you to focus on what you do best

We believe a rewarding team sports experience fosters both a greater sense of community and individual wellbeing. So we develop integrated, user-friendly tools to elevate the way sports organizations operate, letting you focus on creating and growing programs that develop individuals through team sports.

Our Mission

Our mission is lofty, but attainable: to positively impact every community we touch by providing—for every size organization, at any level of organized sport, serving participants of any skill or age— the industry-leading technology solutions that make ethical management of sports possible.

Applying what we've learned every day

Just prior to World Cup ‘94 USA and well before soccer’s growing North American popularity, Jay Baker founded Demosphere. He saw the need for better management of soccer teams—and most other team sports—so he used his technical prowess and database experience to create a solution. Soon he was chairman of the World Cup Volunteer Technology Task Force, consulting with FIFA, and contributing to the founding of MLS in 1996. This early work led to the web-based products Demosphere continues to evolve today.

Sharing best practices and ideas

We want to connect organizations and pass on the knowledge we have acquired for decades. Whether it’s players and parents, coaches and team staff, registrars and admins, or board members and governing bodies; we present you with solutions that are the result of passion crossed with pragmatism.


While we bring you a seamless, integrated Demosphere solution, we also have partnerships with some of the best names in technology to enhance our solution in order to improve your overall experience.


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