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About Demosphere

Freeing you to focus on the game

We believe sports foster both a sense of community and individual wellbeing. That’s why we develop efficient, user-friendly tools to elevate the way sports organizations operate, letting you focus on creating and growing the game.

Our Mission

Demosphere is a privately held organization that is employee-led and customer-focused. Our mission is to provide authentic industry-leading technology solutions for organized sports, accommodating the needs of all levels of organizations, and all levels of users, with an ethical approach to how we impact the greater community.

Our History

Founded in 1990, Demosphere was the first to pioneer technological solutions for the sports industry, with early involvement at the global level through relationships with FIFA, U.S. Soccer, Major League Soccer and a list of other international sports governing bodies and organizations. Initial desktop programs and industrial-strength database management led to increasingly elegant user interface designs with the advent of the Internet and advancements in available technologies.

After heavily focusing on the growth of soccer in the mid-90s, Demosphere pivoted in the early 2000s to develop a universal and sport-agnostic ecosystem to serve all levels of users and competitions, and the vastly varying needs across the sports landscape. As expectations and requirements to accomplish our mission rose through the years – whether from an administrator, coach, player, parent or referee – at the professional, adult, elite or recreational youth level – for a governing body, association, league, tournament or club – Demosphere continued to define the threads of commonality and iterate on the nuances necessary to connect and serve them all.

Today, with over 30 years of experience, dedication and expertise serving the global sports community through both web and mobile solutions, Demosphere continues to refine our methodologies and innovate revolutionary tools to streamline how sports organizations operate and communicate. The ultimate goal is to allow everyone to stay focused on what drew them to the world of sports in the first place – a passion for growing the game.

Our Leadership

Kris Baker, President

Kris Baker

Miles Baker, Senior Vice President

Miles Baker

Senior Vice President
Camille Cheatwood, Director of Client Services

Camille Cheatwood

Director of Client Services
Heidi Snead, Director of Product

Heidi Snead

Director of Product
Nate Muller, Director of Infrastructure & QA

Nate Muller

Director of Infrastructure & QA
Lawrence Baker, Director of Software Engineering

Lawrence Baker

Director of Software Engineering

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