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Inspire Your Sports Team

5 Ways to Inspire Your Sports Team

What makes a great sports season isn’t about the number of wins. It’s about if your players are excited to come back next year! Sports organizations who prioritize growing their players’ love of the game as well as honing their skills will find their registrations climbing.

Here are 5 ways to inspire your sports team, and keep excitement for playing high.

1 Create community within your team, coaches, and staff

Teamwork doesn’t end at the team. Players should feel camaraderie between coaches, assistants, officials, organizational staff, and especially parents. When the whole community comes together to support a team, you’ll see it in their dedication and energy.

2 Emphasize fun over winning

A great way to measure team and staff participation in games, as well as keep track of scores, is to compile post-match reports. Demosphere’s built-in reporting tools give a detailed breakdown of players, teams, and staff, as well as scoring. Then admins can take that one step further with our fully-customizable form builder to collect and report on important information such as player infractions, injuries, or other relevant custom data points, which can be completed by both team staff and officials.

3 Watch other teams play

Take your players to watch other teams play. This could be trips to support other teams in your same organization but different years. Or nearby minor league games. Either way, outings like this will continue to foster community, while reminding the players how much they enjoy the sport. Your next practice will be an energized one!

4 Make games out of practices

Have fun with training. It is important to hone players’ skills, but consider leaving time during each practice for amusing drills such as these games put together by Mojo. (The list is soccer-specific, but can be easily adapted to any sport!)

5 Remember every player is different

Some players may take well to skill drills, while needing more work with stamina, or can run up and down the field all day, but need more focus on executing plays. That is okay! Remembering that each player has different strengths and may need more encouragement in other areas will keep them inspired to grow.


As a team sports management platform, we’ve worked with thousands of sports organizations with the goal of making their processes easier, so they can focus on making sports and inspiring teams! We’d love to hear what you need to work less and play more:


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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.