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3 Tips for Managing Officials and Referees

For large sports organizations and state Associations, managing officials and referees is an important component of running a smooth season. As one of the first sports management platforms with an officials management system, we have years of experience on the topic.

To help, we’ve put together these 3 tips for managing officials and referees that we think all sports organizations should consider.

1 Create a registration process that works for you

Depending on the sport, state, organization, etc. your requirements for registering officials and referees may be unique. You’ll want to create a registration process that collects all the information you need in order to make the assigning process smoother. The ability to customize your forms to include any of the fields you need is crucial, and Demosphere’s flexible registration tools can do that.

We also partner with Yardstik, a top background check program, to provide the best in candidate screening.

2 Give officials and referees the tools to manage their own schedules

Admins are busy enough wrangling players and teams without having to worry about managing officials. The answer is ensuring officials have the tools to manage their assignments on their own time. Your organization’s mobile app should allow referees to view and manage their own assignments, as well as communicate with their crew members.

Managing Officials and Referees

3 Stay in the same system

Having multiple logins for different systems to do the same work is a headache. Your officials management tools should be integrated with your game schedules. This automates much of the manual communication related to game changes and reschedules. Sports management systems like Demosphere combine all of the tools needed to effectively run sports organizations, including officials assigning, management, and pay, all within one platform.

With an integrated system, you can also keep track of important communications. Our mobile app includes messaging features that keep organizations in contact with their officials in the same place where they manage their assignments.


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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.