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Communication Features You Need

3 Communication Features You Need In Your Team Sports Technology

Communication is the backbone of a well-run sports organization. Players and parents need to be updated immediately on game and schedule changes. Admins and coaches need to share important documents. Directors need to get announcements to their community. Your sports management platform should have all the tools to make communication across your organization a breeze. Here are 3 communication features you need in your team sports technology.

1. A website that is easy to update

Your website should remain up-to-date with the latest announcements and important news. Demosphere’s web hosting and design allows for content blocks to be updated easily, such as blog/news pages and homepage graphics. Add auto-update feeds to your home page, such as social media feeds so your audience doesn’t have to search to find what they need.

website designed by demopshere stones river football club

2. Messaging filters to target specific groups

Whether sending a quick email to a specific age group, scheduling a reminder about registration opening, or sending an organization-wide announcement, filtering tools are imperative. Your sports team management technology should provide targeting features allowing you to get the right message to the right people.

Our robust filtering options allow for targeting audiences by important segments such as, age group, location, previous teams, payment status, and more.

mobile communication through demosphere's mobile app

3. App integration

Information available on a desktop platform should seamlessly connect to a mobile app. A fully integrated app, like Demosphere’s, provides official team rosters and schedules across devices for easy access. And when everyone has access to the same information, there’s less room for error!

In the mobile app, parents, players, and team staff can communicate with each other, view schedules, RSVP for and navigate to events, and receive automated event reminders and game change notifications.

Set-up push notifications to the mobile app and alert the right audience, such as full teams or specific staff.


We’re ready to streamline communication across your organization!

Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2006.