The team behind team sports

For over 30 years we have been the best in team sports management software for youth and adult leagues, clubs, and associations in all sports.

With only one login, access all the tools you need to run your sports organization.

Designed by people who know the drill(s)

Demosphere created integrated, user-friendly tools specifically for the way sports organizations are run. Our solutions were, and continue to be, created by developers with both deep database expertise and a personal history with sports leagues. As such, our tools are more than adaptations of generic business programs—they are built to address your unique pain points, from scheduling to group communications to rosters and data privacy.

For Leagues and Clubs

The demands on people who keep clubs going, and on those who oversee the leagues those clubs play in, rival the management of not only small businesses, but many mid-size concerns, too. Yet, most leagues and clubs have severely limited resources for addressing their operational challenges. Precisely why you need Demosphere’s tools to stay on top.

For Associations

Sports associations have a hierarchy unlike any other organization. That’s why we’ve developed solutions with features that make it easy for people throughout your association to access and use the tools—all with easy permissions set by you, for extra data security.

Made for Play

How hard is it to constantly get thousands of avid, enthusiastic amateurs to scores of different places at different times—and pay their dues? You know the answer. Precisely why we focus on the following features:

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A happy client

"The flexibility of Demosphere's systems has changed the way we do business and allows us to quickly adapt to our customers’ needs in an ever-changing business environment. Add to this the level of attention and support we receive from their staff and our experience with Demosphere has been nothing but positive."

Martyn Hollands, Liverpool FC International Academy MA