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Tournament Management

Start-to-finish tournament management.

Tournaments are a fantastic fundraising event for many clubs. To attract the highest number of qualified teams, the tournament must be run efficiently. The main information source for participants, parents, referees, scouts, and others is your tournament website.

Demosphere’s Tournament Management System is a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that manages applications, game schedules, and scorekeeping and can help make your tournament the best in the area. Continue your tradition and be more efficient than ever before! Get More Info Today!

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Key Features Include:

  • Team Applications – Manage the entire team application process online. Accept customized information from your teams to be as informed as possible.

    A sample team application.

    A sample team application.

  • Review Team Information - Once received, review applications and decide whether to accept or reject each entry.
  • Financial Reports – Easily manage financial information without having to leave the site.
  • Dates, Times, Fields – Define all of your resources within the system to provide a framework for your schedule.
  • Matchups - Using Demosphere Tie Patterns, define how many games each team plays and the championship structure for each division.
  • Manage Conflicts – Make sure coaches and fields are not double booked so the event runs smoothly.
  • Post Game Schedules – Post your web-based schedule by team or division.
  • E-Mail Notifications - Keep your users current when you need to make a last minute game change.
  • Scorekeeping - Store all important details of your event – everything including a game summary.
  • Top of the Table – Standings automatically updated once you enter scores.
  • Thawte Secure CertificateOn The Go – Check schedules, scores, and standings right from your mobile device with quick-loading, mobile-formatted pages.
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing - Accept VISA® and MasterCard® payments and/or allow registrants to mail-in their checks for payment.

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