Fall Website Prep

This edition of our Maximize Demosphere Webinar Series focused on Fall Website Preparation for your youth sports organization and is featured below. Click to download a copy of the slides in PDF format. The slides are available to view as well with no narration.

Our comprehensive session focused on four critical areas:

  • Why Is This Important? First impressions are arguably the most important element of your marketing strategy.

When people come to your site, what are their initial thoughts? Do they want to engage with you or are they more inclined to leave and try something else? Keep their expectations in mind too – make sure the reality matches what they expect to see.

  • On-Page Elements.

There are a number of on-page items to address, including:

    • Spelling/Grammar Errors – These can have negative consequences yet are very easy to fix.
    • Navigation – Less is more. Provide a faster experience and don’t confuse your users.
    • Call To Action – What is it that you want the users to do? Does it differ by time of year? Event? Something else? Remember to include calls to action on subpages, too.
  • Social & Video. What’s the overall goal of your social media presence? Is it to build LIKES? Share important news from your organization?

It’s probably neither. The main goal, as Chris Brogan describes, is to drive users to your ‘home base’ – your website. Once there, you have better control on the user experience.

On the video side, it’s much more accessible than it used to be and can, at times, be expected by your users. Think of ways to integrate video into your approach – whether it’s game recaps, interviews with coaches or board members, coaching tips, or otherwise.

  • Mobile.

Finally, keep mobile in mind. Roughly 15% of traffic comes from mobile devices, and this is just another area where first impressions count. For Demosphere customers, your WebWriter® Website includes a mobile-friendly appearance automatically.

Hopefully the presentation provides some ideas to make sure your site is as good as it can be this fall!

We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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