Everything Financial In RosterPro®

Having trouble managing finances? This Maximize Demosphere Webinar is for you.

During this Maximize Demosphere session, we discuss key considerations including:

  • Managing installments.
  • Offering financial aid.
  • Handling discounts & adjustments.
  • Dissecting refunds & chargebacks.
  • Reporting payments & exporting.
  • Contacting users regarding payments.

Download the slides here.

Everything Financial in RosterPro®!

This Maximize Demosphere session covered the following key topics:

  • Installments – How many total payment installments will you allow this season? Learn how to set up installment plans by season. Choose whether to have additional fees due upfront or spread out across payments plans. Customize installment plans for specific individuals.
  • Financial Aid – Offer financial aid during the registration process. Walk through how to approve/reject requests, grant money to an account, and change a registrant’s player status.
  • Refunds & Adjustments – Refund previously made payments or make adjustments to remaining balances. Personalize discounts by creating customized installment dates.
  • Chargebacks – Discover how to refute charges from credit card companies after banks receive user complaints.
  • Reporting & Exporting – Learn the differences between the various financial reports available to administrators.

If you have any questions about specific items discussed during this session, please contact our Support Team at support @ demosphere.com.

We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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