Email Marketing For Your Organization

This edition of our Maximize Demosphere Webinar Series focused on Effective Email Marketing For Your Youth Sports Organization and is featured below. Click to download a copy of the slides in PDF format. The slides are available to view as well with no narration.

Our comprehensive session focused on four critical areas:

As a result, organizations need to make sure they’re taking full advantage of this important channel. First and foremost, when sending email to your members, potential new members, community partners, or otherwise, what’s the reason for sending it? What are you trying to accomplish? Is the message educational? Informational? What specific action are you hoping to drive from the message? Be sure to make it obvious with a button, specific links, or more.

Then, think about yourself as the receiver of this message – what’s in it for you? Why would you want to open this message? Make sure this question is answered.

  • Mechanics & Timing.

First, how is your message being sent? Industry leaders in this space include Constant ContactMailChimpVertical ResponseAWeber, and others. You’ll need one of these as your delivery vessel.

When the message arrives in the inbox, make sure the From Name includes your organization name and the Address is an address that makes it obvious who the message is from. If possible, customize the messages individually – i.e. “Hi, John”. Keep the subject line under 35 characters if possible – and make it actionable. Get me excited about what’s to come.

Be sure the email is easy to read – at least 14pt font for content and 22pt font for titles. Summarize and vary your content – photos help! Link it back to your website.

When you do elect to send, make sure it’s not Monday morning! Test different delivery times for the best impact.

  • Analytics.

Your next step is to measure and improve. How will you measure success? Try to find 3-5 key metrics like newsletter growth, clicks, and/or time spent on site. There are plenty of measurables.

  • Mobile.

Finally, keep mobile in mind. Each month, statistics continue to show an upward trend in email being opened on mobile devices. More importantly, email not formatted for mobile devices has a high probability of being deleted.

Some providers offer responsive design – messages that automatically optimize themselves based on where they’re being read – desktop, tablet, or smartphone. When composing messages, make sure it’s easy for mobile viewers to consume it.

Overall, email continues to evolve – make sure your subscribers are receivingreading, and taking action on your messages.

Hopefully the presentation assists with your email marketing efforts moving forward – it’s a valuable channel that should be utilized by all youth sports organizations.

We hope you can join us for a future Maximize Demosphere session!

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