Effective New Year’s Resolutions

The January edition of Maximize Demosphere focused on Effective New Year’s Resolutions and is featured below.

During the session, we divided our resolutions into three categories:

  • Improve Operations. There are a number of ways to improve operations and make sure all staff members are operating at high efficiency. For starters, ask everyone to name three (3) things that would help them be more productive. It can be anything – software purchases, working together more frequently, etc. Some of the answers could be easy-to-implement items! Also consider questions about how to best improve workflow and ‘why are we doing this’? Challenging long-held beliefs can be especially effective in saving time and increasing results.
  • Be More Visible. Raising awareness in your community is especially important.
    • Publish More Consistently. Do you publish an email newsletter? Commit to a consistent schedule. How often do you post new photos to your home page? Commit to 1, 2 or 3 new photos a week.
    • Be Friendly. Introduce 10 friends to your organization. If everyone did that, you’d really be going places!
    • Be an Expert. Local media are always looking for experts on specific topics – position yourselves as experts in certain areas and get more coverage.
    • Speak! Arrange speaking engagements at the local Kiwanis, Rotary, or Lions Club!
  • Raise More Money. How can we improve our fundraising process to raise more funds this year?
    • New Events. Try something new this year – a Casino Night, a Golf Outing, you name it … just break from the status quo.
    • Be Transparent. How will you use the money you’ve raised? Be specific and provide examples of finished projects to help.
    • Improve The Process. Make it as easy as possible for people to donate – and once they do, write a handwritten thank you note within 72 hours!

Hopefully the items mentioned in the session will prompt some new resolutions for the future! We hope you can join us for a future session!

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