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Governing Body RosterPro® Registration

Imagine a Monday morning. The deadline for organizations to import their player information to your Governing Body system is at the end of the week. First up, you check your email. Your inbox is flooded with messages from your member clubs’ administrators.

They’re having a hard time successfully sending you their information. The questions are endless. You start responding, and before you know it your day’s been taken over by this data collection process.

Wouldn’t it be great, for both you and your clubs, if the data was added to your system without any added effort?

rpc-clubDemosphere’s RosterPro® Club Registration System can streamline your Governing Body’s registration process to save time and reduce questions from your member clubs!

When the time comes to send their information to you, any member clubs using the RosterPro® Registration System will be able to automatically transfer that data into your Governing Body solution.

It saves time for them. Which in turn saves you time.


Key Features Include:

Completely Web-Based – The system is administered via your web browser. Access it from any computer without downloading or installing a program.

Data Sync – Experience a real-time sync with member clubs to collect their team data. Collect the entire hierarchy of Players, Team Staff, Teams, Rosters, Competitions and Seasons.

RosterPro Connection – Updates made to a club’s RosterPro registration database will automatically update the synced copy in the RosterPro Club Registration System to maintain accuracy.

Collect Custom Data – Collect unique information, like each club’s bylaws, using custom data fields.

Printable Forms – Print out official passes for both Players and Team Staff members, Team Rosters, and customized forms that will auto-populate based on the selected program/team.

Track History – Keep a record of each user in the system, which teams they’ve contributed to, and their role on each team.

Competition Management – You do more than just collect data from members, so your system should too. Run your tournaments, league and other miscellaneous programs, in addition to running your governing body data collection.

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