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Governing Body RosterPro® Registration

Governing Bodies have unique requirements from start to finish. Demosphere has 25 years of experience working with groups like FIFA and U.S. Soccer and has a complete suite of solutions geared specifically towards Governing Bodies at all levels.

A key component in managing these organizations is Demosphere’s RosterPro® Registration Management tool.

Key Features Include:

  • Completely Web-Based – This terrific web-based software is all administered via your web browser – no installation necessary!
  • Full Data Profile – Collect contact information, photos, insurance information, and more.
  • Manage Multiple Tiers – Completely manage data from leagues and clubs as information is submitted to your organization.
  • Roster & Pass Printing – Allow rosters and/or passes to be printed based upon approval rules dictated by your organization.
  • Integrated Background Checks – Utilize your existing background check provider to approve coaches and staff members automatically.

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