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Tri-Town Youth Soccer League

tri-townResponsible for collecting registrations across three school systems and integrating them into one community-based recreational soccer program, the Tri-Town Youth Soccer League turned to Demosphere.

Tri-Town Youth Soccer League joined the Demosphere Team in 2016 to fill their registration needs with the RosterPro® Registration System.

Shortly before launching their first registration to the public, Demosphere caught up with the league’s Registrar, Cathy Rousseau, to find out more about her experience as a new user creating a program in the system.

“I love this product! My litmus test was ‘a monkey could do it’ and it was that easy,” said Cathy. “The training video was quick, only 30 minutes, but it gave you a great overview.”

For users that would like more personalized training, Demosphere’s Support Team is standing by and ready to help. Cathy took advantage of the Call Center to put the finishing touches on her program.

“I had one question when I was doing my registration and contacted the help line, which was extremely helpful. They looked over the registration, answered my question and provided me with additional support.”

“You want to be out on the field, not setting up registration.”

When asked about her favorite new feature, the form templates stood out. Tri-Town loves having the template feature as a place to start rather than designing the participant form from scratch. “You want to be out on the field, not setting up registration.”

Ready to launch their first program, Cathy summed up her overall experience as, “simply amazing! There is so much support. We’re so happy we made the switch!”

Are you searching for a new registration provider that can help make your next program this easy? Contact Demosphere today!