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Rainbow Soccer Club

Rainbow Soccer Builds Colorful New Site with Demosphere

Rainbow Soccer

Rainbow Soccer Club in Chapel Hill, NC has used several online providers in a short period of time. When Mike Hickey, the club’s Executive Director, realized the club needed a long-term solution, he turned to Demosphere.

The organization had tried a few custom solutions tailored to their needs, but as relationships changed, Hickey realized he needed a provider that would be able to provide reliable website, player registration, and scheduling solutions for years to come.

A Final Transition

The main focus when transitioning to the new website was making sure the site was tailored to Rainbow’s recreational needs. Hickey found the Demosphere Graphic Design team to be “wonderful” – the site is colorful, friendly, and professional, leading to a recreational feel. The Demosphere Support Team has been “responsive and available” through out the process as Hickey has learned the features of WebWriter®, the website system.

Since switching to Demosphere, Rainbow’s website has seen great success. On average, the site receives more than 400 page views daily.

Overall Growth

Hickey says that Rainbow Soccer is “in a better place” since the club started using Demosphere. Mike is in an unusual position having been used to a custom system, but club is satisfied with Demosphere’s products and customer service and says the club is “in it for the long haul.” He hopes to continue improving his club’s unique site by taking further advantage of Demosphere’s Scheduling System to help schedule and display games on the site.

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