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Quakertown Soccer Club

Quakertown Soccer Club Boosts Online Efficiency with Demosphere

Quakertown Soccer Club WebsiteAs a large youth soccer club in Pennsylvania that has intramural and travel teams as well as three annual tournaments, Quakertown Soccer Club has several key online needs.

Before the club began using Demosphere, it had trouble communicating and managing information. Registrar Jeffrey Geiser described the club website as “cumbersome” in terms of format as well as functionality. Not only did Geiser and the club struggle with the process of editing the site, they also understood the need for a visually appealing and professional looking site in order to attract visiting teams to its tournaments.

Comprehensive Online Tools

Since switching to Demosphere, Geiser has been satisfied very satisfied with the result. He and the club use Demosphere for the club’s Website, Online Registration, and Tournament Management needs.

Several key factors led Quakertown Soccer Club to Demosphere. First, the registration system can be customized easily so that the club can collect specific information — and changes can easily be implemented. Since the registration uses the same database from year to year, Geiser finds it easier to compare data from year to year and cross-examine.

Interactivity was also important. Geiser appreciates Demosphere’s mobile capabilities that makes life easier for soccer volunteers. “It’s great that when a field goes down, I get a text message,” he said, because like most youth soccer volunteers, he is very busy. Convenience and fast updates are key for a parent who is always on the go.

Since Geiser and his colleagues are volunteers, time is extremely valuable. “The system takes less time to manage which is vital,” he says. Demosphere’s Online Registration System also saves time for club members who want to be able to register quickly and easily.

Sleek, Professional Design

Quakertown’s sleek website design (pictured above right) helps volunteers and the club immensely when it comes to generating interest for tournaments. The organization runs three tournaments annually and having a great website with accessible information draws in new teams.

“A professional website is exceptionally helpful,” Geiser explains, “because it creates credibility for the club, builds excitement for tournaments, and facilitates the process for teams to sign up since information is easy to find.”

Easy Club Communication

Not only does the site attract teams for tournaments, it also creates an easy method of communication between the club and its members. By using Demosphere’s tools, the club can easily communicate with its membership and quickly post new news items to any page of the site.

Geiser finds Demosphere’s products to be intiutive and the Support Team always provides the support the club needs whenever a question arises. He enjoys using Demosphere’s online tools and Quakertown Soccer Club looks forward to continuing its online success.

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