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Pacific Northwest Soccer Club

Pacific Northwest Soccer Club

When a merger between the Greater Renton Football Club and Dos FC Premier created the Pacific Northwest Soccer Club, the new club had to start from scratch when it came to technology. The club’s webmaster, Rick Grefthen, knew that Demosphere was the way to go when it came to building a website and managing their tournaments online.

Visibility is of utmost important for new clubs. With the help of Demosphere’s WebWriter® Website System, Grefthen was able to create a professional online presence that attracts players, coaches, parents, volunteers, and new sponsorship opportunities. The club has acquired sponsorships from high-profile companies like Nike since launching their Demosphere website.

Due to their great site, the Pacific Northwest Soccer Club has also been approached by photographers offering to take pictures for tournaments as well as various sponsors for their annual auction. In addition to increased sponsorships, the club has seen attendance growth in their tournaments. Their annual Winter Classic has increased from 113 entrants in 2009 to 246 entrants last year and they look forward to continued growth in the future.

Grefthen is a long time Demosphere customer, but he recalls the days of using phone chains for communication before clubs had sophisticated websites. With Demosphere, the club’s site is truly one stop shopping. Volunteers can edit pages for individual teams, post information and photos, and lots more, all with point-and-click ease. The site makes things run more smoothly for players, parents, and volunteers alike. When visitors come to the site – club members or not – they do not have many questions. “That just shows how well it works!” he says.

When first setting up the system, the comprehensive featureset may feel daunting to some, but Grefthen finds Demosphere’s product to be very intuitive. Since Demosphere offers training sessions and webinars, the process can be learned easily. “I’m impressed by how easy it is to format content and to upload photos and documents,” Grefthen notes.

Part of what makes running the site so easy is that Demosphere has a dedicated Support Staff. Grefthen is in frequent contact with the staff, who he describes as “very professional, helpful, and educational.”

Since Grefthen has an impressive track record as a webmaster, another local association asked him to help with their site. They were using a different product than Demosphere which he found to be much less intuitive and flexible. He recommended Demosphere to this club as well as other clubs in his area.

Although Grefthen no longer has a child playing in the club, he still enjoys volunteering for Pacific Northwest Soccer Club. With the help of Demosphere’s easy to use products, Grefthen is still able to contribute over 1000 hours per year to the club.

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