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FC Stars of Massachusetts


A respected soccer club in New England needed website and registration tools to live up to its reputation on the field.

FC Stars of Massachusetts is a highly competitive club featuring over 40 teams and nearly 1,800 players.

When Administrator Sarah Dewhurst knew it was time to update her website, she did a bit of shopping around. She needed a company that could integrate the website with a comprehensive Online Registration System, and through research as well as recommendations from other local clubs, she decided that Demosphere was the best option.

Dewhurst immediately noticed a great change in her website after using Demosphere’s WebWriter® Website System. Before Demosphere, she described the website as “old and antiquated,” and only one volunteer was able to make changes to the site. It was rarely updated.

Today, the club’s website is easy to use and can be updated by many different volunteers. The ease of posting announcements online has been very valuable for the club. The site has also improved communication since emails can be sent directly from the site. Now, Dewhurst is able to post major announcements on the website as needed. Club members “love the new site” and find it very easy to use.

In addition, the RosterPro™ Registration System is valuable because it is very accurate and “never makes mistakes.” With an entirely online process, no information is captured offline on paper forms and at risk to be lost.

Transitioning to Demosphere was smooth thanks to Demosphere’s comprehensive support resources. Dewhurst has access to Demosphere’s Support Team as needed and finds them to always be “helpful, informative, responsible, patient, and friendly.”

Dewhurst finds Demosphere to be the superior product on the market and plans to continue using it in the future.

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