Corky Webster

Operations Manager, Northern Virginia Soccer Club

"NVSC has been using the Demosphere system for over 13 years. We started using them back when we were Mid-County Soccer Association with about 300 players, now being NVSC with anywhere between 3000 to 5000 players depending on the season. Demosphere has grown with us when we have needed them. I love the fact that the Demosphere system is all in one, the Webwriter product handling the website, Roster Pro handling the registration, League scheduling and their new solution Teamnet. Demosphere is always working on improving their product. They listen to their clients and will take our suggestions. I appreciate Demosphere’s methodical approach to improving their product the right way and not just throwing together fixes that don’t fit together with their current product. The other option that some companies do is to buy up smaller companies and use their solution, but again Demosphere uses the right approach and will development solutions in house the correct way. Finally their support staff is terrific, there are times that I need to reach out, I can do that by phone, email or chat online. Most of the time it is an easy fix but if it isn’t they will escalate the issue and will get back to me very quickly. I can say that we couldn’t have grown to the size we are now without Demosphere there at every step. I’ve been approached many, many times by competitors and we do listen, we owe it to our club Board to listen. But not once have I considered moving the club to another product." 


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