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Demosphere’s Safety Center has compiled various webinars, research, and articles to help protect your organization’s sensitive information.

Choose from the two available categories below: Provider Security and Organization-wide Security



Choose from the list of Provider Security resources below to learn more about the important factors you should consider when evaluating service providers:

Perils of ‘Free’ Solutions
There are a few important things to keep in mind when evaluating online services, especially when you hear the word “free”. Watch out for Privacy Policies, Content Usage, and Support.
What’s In Your Privacy Policy
How much do you really know about how your providers are using your members’ data? Demosphere has created the following tutorial to help protect your organization’s sensitive information.
Demosphere Data Usage
Wondering how your data is being shared if you’re using a Demosphere system? Demosphere answers the question “How is my data being used?”
Data Security Information
Demosphere’s security policy is based on a fundamental obligation to protect membership lists and sensitive information. Read about Demosphere’s Off-Site Hosting, SSL Encryption, Secure Coding and more.
Q&A With Demosphere About Security
To keep our clients informed about their data security, we answered some of the most asked questions in regards to our security practices!
Demosphere’s Privacy Policy
Read the details yourself in Demosphere’s Privacy Policy to see exactly how your organization’s information is being used.

Read up on what you can do to protect your organization and keep your sensitive data safe in the Organization-wide Security list:

Keeping Your Organization Safe
As an administrator you have a responsibility to protect the data of your players and their parents. It’s time to get serious and vigilantly take matters into your own hands when it comes to preparing yourself for potential issues. This blog talks Privacy Policy, In-Office Security, Background Checks, Chargebacks, And User Protection.
Take Your Privacy Back
If your privacy policy contains statements about data sharing with outside partners or vendors, be wary of where your members’ information is being sent for your provider’s own financial gain. It’s time to protect your organization’s privacy and take the power back into your own hands!
Effective Data Management
A serious data breach could put the organization out of business – either legally (via lawsuit) or because parents aren’t comfortable with you holding their information. The following Maximize Demosphere webinar talked about how to protect your organization with Privacy Policies, In-Office Security, and Individual Security
Create Your Privacy Policy
To be safe and smart, your organization needs a Privacy Policy to explain exactly how data will be used. The following blog posts discusses what items to include when creating your policy.
Password Security Tips
People use passwords for just about everything online.The security of these password cannot be underestimated. Often times, users use extremely easy passwords (think ‘temp’) that can be compromised without much effort.
Protect Against Scams
The two most common online security vulnerabilities within youth sports organizations concern registration systems and email accounts. In both cases, the password used to access these areas is of utmost importance.
Create An Emergency Plan
Whether gathered in a professional stadium or watching from your school’s gymnasium, it’s better to be safe than sorry when it comes to having a prepared plan for all possible events.

For more information and tips regarding online security reach out to Demosphere at support @ demosphere.com.

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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the Executive Vice President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2007.