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Is Required Headgear The Right Move?

Headgear by HRP will be worn in Princeton School DistrictEarlier this year, Princeton School District began requiring sixth grade athletes playing soccer, lacrosse, and field hockey to wear protective headgear. The goal is for all athletes in sixth to twelfth grade to wear the headgear to help prevent head injuries.

As you can imagine, the move has sparked debate for a number of reasons. First, the headgear comes at a cost – up to $70 each. While the school district is covering the cost, such rules could be cost prohibitive to other areas.

More importantly, the effectiveness of such headgear to reduce the risk of concussions is unproven, according to multiple experts quoted in the article.

Do you think this initiative is the right one? Would you be happy if a similar policy made its way into your local school district?

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Kris Baker

Kris Baker is the Executive Vice President of Demosphere and has been serving the Youth Sports Community since 2007.
  • Bill Bernhard

    At this point it’s a money-making racket. Until it’s proven in published, peer-reviewed studies in reputable medical journals, it’s all theoretical. The anti-concussion head bands currently available have yet to be proven effective in reducing concussions and in fact, may give the athletes a false sense of security.

    • Sean Rose

      Definitely a fair point! Hopefully some studies are in progress…but they’d probably take a while to deliver valuable insight.

      • Bill Bernhard

        I don’t mean to sound so critical – something obviously needs to be done to address these injuries. But not a the risk of increasing injuries by providing a false, unproven sense of security (like the head bands).

  • Stuart Kasten

    How does headgear stop your brain from rattling around in your skull when you get hit? It doesn’t. Concussions are caused inside the skull, not outside. NFL players probably have the best headgear and they have a serious concussion issue. The problem as I see it – repeated concussions, re-entering without proper recuperation. Players, coachs, and parents don’t make good decisions when it comes to treating concussions.